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We promote positive dog care and welfare by both directly contributing to charities and rescue organisations and encouraging at every opportunity possible help from the platform’s community

All and any user rewards can be donated to Dog charities and rescue organisations registered with the platform

We fight for the rights, value and general welfare of Dogs,using technologically up to date AI and Deep learning data analysis to increase where possible the awareness for the rights of Dogs and the reasons behind those animal rights and how to easily keep up with necessary care milestones, keeping you responsible in an ever exponentially changing modern world


  • Almost free of cost p2p record of Dog ownership worldwide
  • Dog owners completed Dog sale contract milestones and rewards
  • Dog Life Data
  • Certification records
  • Insurance policies
  • DogShow achievements

  • Welfare History

  • Product Invoices
  • P2p services invoices
  • Training Documentation
  • Bodycare purchase Invoices

To have their breeding checked by a Breed expert .

A Breed expert is known as a Judge , to become you have to have produced as a Breeder international champions in the Breed you want to judge and then take exams to prove that you know that Breeds “ official breed standard “ .


A written book on every breed of Dog that specifies every minute feature down to the millimetre or shade of colour , about what makes a Dog “ fit for purpose “ .

Humans are the keepers of Pedigree Dogs we breed them , every breed of dog has been assigned by humans a specific type of companion fit for a specific purpose.

You will get more money for the Puppies.



DogData solutions are available globally, in any country at any time. .

Use the registration link on the homepage or click here Https://DogData.CH .

Use the registration link on the homepage or click here Https://DogData.CH .


Yes The DogData PedigreeChain is the first immutable recording of Dog ownership using blockchain technology. .

PedigreeChain is the core enabler of our product and service offering. It will enable easy Dog owner international registration for all dogs, pedigree and non-pedigree dogs. All of a Dogs life data can be systematically captured recorded and stored in secure, encrypted, immutable data records.

NO .

The DogData Vault is the secure record database of all the specific Dog life data.

All information is:

  • Referenced to the PedigreeChain Dog registration
  • Linked to a specific dog.
  • Time stamped.
  • Unchangeable.
  • Linked to the Smart Dog Sale Contract
  • Linked to Dog Owner & Dog Private profiles
  • Databases are encrypted.
  • Databases are mirrored, i.e. redundant information in case of a system crash
  • Data is available to view for users through interfaces.
  • Data only visible to users, not outsiders
  • No blockchain

To help build an updated, accurate database the Dog owners will get paid / rewarded for updating their dog specific information on the PedigreeChain

  • Dogs Breed and Microchip Number Dogs Breed and Microchip Number
  • Dogs measurements, colour, behaviour
  • Dogs genetic history including 5 generation pedigree
    • Parents and Grandparents for 5 generations
    • Siblings
  • Health data, Annual medical records and veterinary certificates
  • Diet purchase history
  • Niche Breed sensitive purchase history
  • Show records / results, location , judge
  • Sales contract or change of ownership
  • Training achievements
  • Offspring



The Smart Dog Sale Contract is an easy to use, incentivized, inclusive, modular Dog sale and care contract with reward based care milestones.




Yes .



Yes .

Reward payments can be from either or both DogData or the Dogs breeder who determines the welfare incentive milestones and their value at the time of the sale of the Dog to the new owner.

The price of a Smart Dog Sale Contract will depend on the type of contract (simple or full feature), the number of milestones and the country locations. .





Use the create Smart Dog Sale Contract link on the homepage or click here Https://DogData.CH .

The DNA Hunter Dog breeding algorithm suggests better Dog sires ( stud dogs ) by using the world’s most successful Dog breeding experts and the potential power of the DogData AI Deep learning agent to make better, closer to breed standard predictions.

Approximately 20 million.

Incentivized p2p knowledge sharing. DogExpert leverages the experience of professional Dog breeders to improve Dog care, health & welfare. DogExpert benefits the whole Dog Breeding and pet Dog owner community. Backed by social media enabled solutions providing searchable Dog care information for the wider dog owner community .

No DogExpert allows you to specifically ; .

  • READ
  • ASK





The DogData gamification boils down to incentivised and reward based learning from and sharing of and adhering to the shared and rates knowledge and experience of the community, incentivised by tokens.

Because the Tokens can be used to get massive discounts in the Marketplace when making Diet and Niche Breed sensitive product purchases.



Each element of the DogData Platform is designed focusing on key gamification metrict.

  • Visible proof of activity Dog Owner & Dog ID private profile
  • Dog care and welfare benefits are parts of a reward based appraisal and Token earning matrix
  • All New Dog owner reward based challenges and the experiences are relayed back to the Dogs breeder for 24 months
  • Entertaining and challenging to participate
  • Manages and serves Breed sensitive Dog owner Dog Welfare Challenges both beneficial and educational
  • Provides three way real time feedback and instant updates
    • Blockchain
    • Dogs owner
    • Dogs Breeder
  • Variable rewards for challenges with Etherbone erc20 Tokens

A unique Breed specific suggestive product P2p service and solution marketplace.

No the Marketplace operates both as a demand and as a supply driven marketplace.

No .

No .



Leverage the knowledge and experience of the Dogs breeders and the product choices of Dogs that have been certified by judges at Dog Shows as international champions .




DogData Inc. was founded by a team of dog industry and functional experts alongside experienced developers and market makers with in Dogs combined hundreds of years of experience.


DogData OU is registered as a limited liability company in Estonia.

Improving Dog welfare

Saving Dog Breeders and Pet Dog owners money

Educating new Pet Dog owners through a Digital sale contract

Using Blockchain and Decentralisation to power the Pedigree Database

Disrupt the industry and empower the Dogs breeders

Increase awareness of Dog charities and Dog rescue organisations

End Pet Dog owner registration fees using Blockchain

Bring forth a suggestive marketplace that ends not fit for purpose Dog product purchases

Use Deep learning AI agent with human experience and knowledge tasked to produce a breeding algorithm to end Canine genetic health defects

The dog owner and dog breeders are not organized. This leads to Poor Dog Data, Inefficient Dog Breeding, Missing Conditions of Care, Poor Leverage of the Wisdom or Power of the Community

Breeders without updates on the lives of the puppies they brought into the world


Breeding standards are a set of guidelines which are used to ensure that the animals produced by a breeder conform to the specifics of the standardized Dog breed. They reflect the physical attributes, use and purpose for each specific dog breed. Breed standards help define the ideal animal of a breed and provide goals for breeders. The breed standard is a blueprint for a dog fit for the function it was bred


Each of over 4000 self serving kennel clubs keep their own records and data in their own formats and languages of choice

They charge the breeders to record the history of the breeders work and make it difficult for the breeders to do their job as kennel clubs are not interconnected with others, making the job of Breeding to standard that they are enforcing breeders to do extremely difficult and time consuming

Manual Matching Process Dog breeding today is a labour intensive and very manual process. Dog breeders must manually search across multiple databases, network at Dogshows and negotiate with owners of Male stud dog reproductors to identify suitable Breeding matches .

Predicting breeding results is a skill and always challenging, breeding is a mix between art and science. If the wrong breeding mate is picked, the litter of puppies will be inferior. The puppies will not conform to the specific pedigree breed standard, not have good show results or be excluded from shows because of non-conformity to breeding standards and may not fetch a good sales price. .

Dogs used to be bred for purpose, i.e. hunting, guarding, working, utility or beauty. The market demands, needs, wishes and desires of Dog owners have evolved over time. Many breeding standards are outdated, some are over 100 years old. Dogs bred to these standards are not focused on modern Dog owner requirements due to the exponential changes in modern lifestyles. Some of the existing breeding standards inhibit the Dogs welfare and health.

The DogData solutions are designed to provide solutions to the whole Dog owner community, for everyone who loves and cares about Dogs welfare :

  • Professional Dog Breeders
  • Pet Dog Owners
  • Dog Lovers
  • Dog Knowledge Experts
  • Dog Show Organisers
  • Dog Show Participants
    • ShowDog handlers
    • Professional Dog Groomers
    • Breed Specialist Judges
  • Dog Service Suppliers
  • Dog Product Suppliers
  • Dog Charities and Dog Rescue Organisations

500 million Dogs.

300 million Pet Dogs

All DogData products and services are designed to increase Dog care and welfare, including for your Dog. .

DogData is the first eco-system that leverages the power of the Dog owner community to improve Dog welfare, Dog breeding, Dog knowledge and leverage block negotiation power to bring unbeatable prices into the community marketplace all parts using a gamified reward system enabled by erc20 Tokens an erc20 coin and a erc721 Asset Token .


Third party web2 style Registrations cost on average 50$ each Dog

In some countries the price is $35+ upto 100$ or more if you want all historical pedigree documents

Blockchain can manage this for a gas fee of around 0.05$

Making DogData and Blockchain upto 1000 x cheaper than using traditional third parties


  • Insurance
  • Pet Dog sitting
  • Dog Travel
  • Insurance
  • Breeding research
  • Suggested Food & Diet purchases
  • Suggested Niche breed sensitive products
  • P2p Professional Dog services


Every aspect of a Dogs life is considered , verifications and ratings are used throughout the platform

Using the registration link on the Homepage or here Https://DogData.CH .



Recording on the platform your ongoing Dogs life Data using smart contracts to identify completed care milestones will continue to earn you more and more erc20 utility Tokens.

It is essentially a family tree of Dogs held on a national level by kennel clubs.

No 4000 kennel clubs are disconnected , fragmented and closed for data unless a large fee is paid .

Yes the lack of available information and it’s lack of connectivity past a few short generations creates difficulty for people to help Dog welfare by conscientiously breeding to the standard.

Wikipedia definition :

Set of guidelines which is used to ensure that the animals produced by a breeder or breeding facility conform to the specifics of the standardized breed.

Breed standards are devised by breed associations or breed clubs, not by individuals, and are written to reflect the use or purpose of the species and breed of the animal. Breed standards help define the ideal animal of a breed and provide goals for breeders in improving stock. In essence a breed standard is a blueprint for an animal fit for the function it was bred - i.e. herding, tracking etc.


The DogData ecosystem brings together Dog breeders , Professional Dog Groomers, Dog lovers and new Dog homes , Real and Virtual Dog sitters, Veterinarians, Professional ShowDog Handlers and Trainers, Dog Judges and DogShow organisers and not least the world’s Dog Charities and Dog Rescue Organisations ,to render services P2p to one another.






It's a perfect system that interconnects and interacts solutions made from Dog data with each other.

DogData will use a web3.0 decentralised platform to connect and interact every possible aspect of a Dogs life with welfare as the one and only underlying predominant theme



By creating a DogData wallet using the link on the Homepage ( link ).


Currently systems managing Dogs records worldwide are disconnected and managed by third parties charging unnecessarily for the data storage and further charges for provision of copy records of that data, all of this can be managed by people using modern technologies.

Every part of Dogs lives , the business , the welfare and the social can be all improved, the technological solutions offered by the DogData platform unites the need for solutions and the ability for the community to manage and verify those solutions

First platform that combines data , social media , cryptocurrency , smart contracts and machine learning to improve welfare for dogs , social media experience and economic efficiency.

DogData creates a technology based eco-system where you can monetise your passion. No matter the size of your Grooming, Breeding, Handling , Kennels , Dog Hotels or Dog Charity Rescue Organisation , either a small National , Breed or Club DogShow to Large CACIB international DogShow. DogData tech business solutions will have both tangible and intangible positive effects on your business operations.

DogData value algorithms audience has no geographical boundaries or restraints decentralising Dog ownership.

The world is invited to use the cognitive, perfectly interconnected web3.0 Solutions formulated using both purposeful thought , connected with a deep industry insight and awareness through the founding team made up of the world’s most experienced people from the industry they are the brains , minds , hearts and souls behind the platforms solutions.


  • Pedigree Database
  • Accommodation
  • Travel
  • Immunisations
  • Puppy Care - Smart education from the Breeder for new puppy buyers
  • Insurance rates
  • Responsible ownership
  • Breed standards
  • Accurate Diet and product suggestions
  • Breeding Mates
  • Which Shows and Judges to Enter
  • Virtual DogShows
  • Virtual Dog sitters
  • Virtual online work showcase for Groomers
  • A Facebook business page replacing the typical timeline with a Timeline designed with the Dogs life in mind
  • A transferable Erc721 variable value Asset token representing Dog ownership

Dog Sale Smart Contract with rewardable welfare milestones .

Today breeders do not have any custom built solution for tracking and measuring adherence of puppy sales agreement

There is no interconnected welfare and puppy protection framework.

DogData easy to use smart contracts with Care milestones solve a large amount of the welfare problems associated to new dog ownership

DNA Hunter

The huge amount of time used researching the breeding match for your Dog that will produce a litter with the highest number of Breed standard dogs would disappear with the platforms DNAHunter breeding algorithm solution.

The algorithm designed by 10 of the world’s most successful Dog breeders will aim to eliminate wrong matings that result in genetic defects or puppies that do not conform with breed standards which creates risks of health and temperament issues

Today there is no legal contract for Stud service and DogData DNAhunter offers you a robust and legal stud contract service.

The problems of knowing how your litter might look after a mating could be eliminated by DNAHunters attempts with the world’s most successful Dog breeders and machine learning to perfect a algorithm creating potential mating examples as VirtualPuppies to give you some idea of how could look a matings offspring

The erc721 VirtualPuppies can then be sold in the marketplace

4Dogs Suggestive Marketplace

solves the problems of knowing what items and accessories to buy for your Dogs through Dogs data and the ecosystems Machine learning algorithm. By analysing the purchase Data of ShowDogs close to breed standard and submitting Data and full of completed milestones the marketplace algorithm suggests you products and Diet used by champions in the same breed , coat type , age , sex , location etc as your Dog

Puppy Police

The problem of paying or having someone to watch over your Dog, puppy or puppies and their Mother , while you are away. PuppyPolice facilitates a dedicated contracted freelancer Virtual Dog sitter or a community of 150 members watching over your dog while you are away with real time feedback notifications. By participating a user is helping to reduce the worldwide puppy morality rate.


The problems of finding a Taxi for you and your pet would be eliminated. 80% of the transporters world wide wont accept carrying a Dog

DogTaxi Uber style platform solution would facilitate worldwide a marketplace for with or without Owner Dog travel


solves the problems of accommodating with Dogs travellers set holidays and DogShow exhibitor tourism. It is the first marketplace where the community can bid for the accommodation budget of millions of DogShow travellers. This service allows members of the community to list their properties for people travelling with their Dogs on vacation and DogShow exhibition tourism.

BoneHunter Dog Insurance

tech solution provides the first and only customizable insurance coverage that will fit your pet and your budget

ProHandler Business management software

in the cloud is for Professional ShowDog Handlers and Professional Dog Breeders to manage , facilitate and record their business practices requisites

Grooming Stars

We solve the problems created by having to search for an experienced groomer for your specific Dog breed. GroomingWithStars live streaming of Dog Grooming enables groomers worldwide to showcase their talent All working contestants are rated by the watching online community for your appraisal and benefit


web3.0 in-line virtual judged by the community DogShows ultimately will be used to create a new people’s Breed standard for the world’s 300+ Dog breeds , participating winners earn token rewards from the community that they can use for discounts or exchange or donate to get registered Dog Charities leading food Brand discounts


Register your Dog at www.DogData.ch.


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